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“NOVA TRADE” Ltd is a leading company in the production and trade of soft drinks. Established in the year of 1997, more than ten years the company offers its extremely wide assortment on the Bulgarian and international markets. “NOVA TRADE” Ltd is a member of the Association of Soft Drinks Manufacturers in Bulgaria. A recognition for the quality of the range of products is the certification of the company with the International standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. Brought into use is also the HACCP system for critical point control. Certificate and control executive body is the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited. The brought into use and approved Quality control system guarantees tracing and control of each single stage of the manufacturing process. The implementation of the requirements of these International standards and the quality of the produced and offered soft drinks makes “NOVA TRADE” Ltd a competitive and preferred partner on the home and international markets.

“NOVA TRADE” Ltd has a manufacturing bases in Bulgaria in the towns of Pazardzhik and Saedinenie and in the village of Bachkovo, Assenovgrad Municipality. The management of the company invests continuously in the education of the personnel giving opportunities for professional development and supports the initiative of its employees.

“NOVA TRADE” Ltd has its own automobile park with motor and light vehicles. This gives the opportunity for fast delivery to each client in the country and abroad.


Carbonated soft and energy drinks - can 0,250L.
Assortment: Derby Cola; Derby Coffee Cola; Pit Energy; Derby Lemon; Derby Orange

Carbonated soft and energy drinks - can

Our primary aim is to satisfy the preferences of users with great variety of tastes. Following the market demand we offer DERBY PLUS 17% fruit drinks and nectars, produced and bottled after state-of-the-art special technology - cold dry aseptic technology, in PET bottles from 0.250l, 1l and 2l. They do not contain preservatives. Suitable to consume at any age.

Assortment: apricot; morello, peach, orange.

17% Fruit drinks and nectars DERBY PLUS

Bottled in packs from 0.300L; 0.500L, 2L and 3L with great variety – orangiada, citronada, apple, lemonade, forest fruits, raspberry, etar, peach - apricot, grapefruit, sprint, morello, cola, cola with orange, cola with lemon, cola with vanilla, cola with cherry, tonic, strawberry, plum, pear, quince, peppermint, coffee cola.

Carbonated soft drinks DERBY Carbonated soft drinks DERBY

PIT ENERGY energy drink with tonus and refreshing effect, with rich content of caffeine /79.2 mg/ and taurine /99mg/. It stimulates the metabolism, raises the concentration and the reactions. The energy drink contains an extremely healthy combination of vitamins – niacin, vitamins C, B6 and B2. It is offered in bottles from 0,250; 0.330 and 2 litres.

Energy drinks PIT ENERGY

Ice tea DERBY in packs from 0,500L and 2L. with refreshing tastes of lemon, peach and green tea. ICE TEA DERBY is produced by the most modern and special technology – cold aseptic and does not contain preservatives.

Ice tea VICTORIA in packs from 0,250L; 0,500L; 1L and 2l. with refreshing tastes of lemon and peach. ICE TEA VICTORIA is produced by the most modern technology and does not contain sugar.

Ice tea DERBY, Ice tea VICTORIA

By a variety of the flavour we aim at satisfying he tastes of the customers. As a result of the market demand of the product we offer the following range: orange-apricot-maracuya, peach-apricot, green apple, orange, multivitamin, orange-tangerine-mango, morello.

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Fruit drinks and punches with the trademarks FRUKTO FRESH, DERBY, VICTORIA, BRISTOL, EXCELLENT in bottles from 0.500l, 1l., 1.5l., 2l., 3l., 5l., 10l. and 11l. with tastes of orange, peach, apricot, mandarin, exotic, lemon, black currant, strawberry, blue plum, morello, mango.

Fruit drinks and punches Fruit drinks and punches

Granachu with taste of orange, peach, apricot, lemon, forest fruits, strawberry, raspberry, exotic, morello - is soft drinks for kids with rich content of A, C and E vitamins.

Fruit drinks for kids GRANACHU

The production capacity of “NOVA TRADE” Ltd is 60 000 000 liters per month. The implementation of new technologies in the production and the quality of the offered products reveals unlimited opportunities for the increase of the markets. Nowadays “NOVA TRADE” Ltd maintains trade relationships with countries all over the world among which are Austria, USA, Italy, England, Germany, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, Angola, Mexico, Romania, Alger, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Australia, Moldova, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Albania, Israel, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, Kosovo, Slovenia, Turkey, Cote D'Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Luanda – Angola, Nigeria, Malta, Ghana. “NOVA TRADE” Ltd is a supplier of energy drinks for Wal-Mart, Latin America. “NOVA TRADE” Ltd is a supplier for market chains like Carrefour, Metro Cash & Carry, Casino, Le Mutant with their own Private Label.


One of the newest offers to the clients of “NOVA TRADE” Ltd are the last generation of refrigerated vending machines for cool drinks. The machine answers to all of the requirements of the EU and has the following characteristics: energetic class AA+, capacity – 405 bottles, 5 shelves with 9 columns per roll, functioning up to + 32 degrees outside temperature, inside temperature up to + 6 degrees, ability for choosing up to 45 articles. The machine is easy for operating, comfortable for use and with a unique design. The company supplies free assembly, installing and maintenance.